Welcome to my Childrens Portfolio. This is where my heart lies and where magic happens. Sessions can be held where your heart desires. We will travel world wide to captures truly one of a kind photographes that will last generations.


Photography by SSV Babies are mostly photographed in studio these little ones are amazing to photograph and a great work out for parents. When booking your shoot think about dress up clothes, suspenders, hats, dresses, boots and anything else you can think of. Kids are adorable at this age! When booking a session please do not have any worry about whether your child will sit for a session. Sessions of children ages 1,2 and 3 are very active and I want them that way.  These ages are the best to photograph because your child does not care about the camera AT ALL.  This is where the magic happens trust me. So when you come for one of these sessions please be as laid back as possible, as if you were going to your best friend’s house.  This will be laid back with me sneaking up and waiting for those amazing moments.


Maternity, what an amazing time in our lives. I am sure you agree but that is some CRAZY stuff we go through making our babies. I know much of the time we feel anything BUT attractive but this is one of those times in life we SHOULD have at least one picture of ourselves. For most of us we only experience this time maybe twice in our lifetime and our body form is so incredibly different.  Lets capture it even if it is just once.  I promise you will never regret having that picture made!


Is there anything better than a brand new baby? I don't think so...

Photography by SSV photographs Newborns in Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill and beyond.  These sessions are available in studio with several props and backdrops or in your own home with your own decor and surroundings with an emphasis on natural light. Newborn session can take up to 3 hours and is a VERY laid back experience.  LOTS of feeding and changing happens during these shoots!


Celebrate your grade 8, teen or collage student with images that are a wee bit different than your school photographers.  I want to know what your child is into and design a session around that! This session is truly meant to showcase who your child is at this time in their life to give you and them something to look fondly back on.


Families are so amazing don't you agree (I know I know not all the time)? All of the little eccentricities that make us who we are and how we interact with each other is awesome. For family sessions I encourage you to choose a place that represents you and who your family is. This is where we can get adventurous and end up at the cottage, at a theme park, in a swamp or simply in your own home. The sky is the limit in these sessions. Your final image collection will not just be a great family portrait but also portraits of each child on their own, together and any other way you can think of.  Sessions last around 2 hours.

First Birthdays

YAY your baby is turning one!  Can you believe it? It goes fast doesn’t it? Celebrate this time with a session to remember just how he was at this age. Just like the birth of your baby this time is just as fleeting.  We have several options such as Smash The Cake, Colour Wonder Bubble Sessions (they get painty), or anything else you can dream up.


I have to admit I am such a FAN ofHalloween!!! My main goal is usually to make my children the creepiest they possible can be in the school, LMAO. Sometimes they indulge me and other times they do not. So whether it is Halloween or Christmas contact us for ideas. This is where the imagination can truly sore!


Welcome to Photography by SSV's Business section. As a photographer there is nothing that gives me more pleasure than to photograph products and spaces for your business.  In this gallery you will see a few of the projects I have been fortunate to be apart of.  Whether you need products photographed, your businesses location and space or headshots I am happy to help in creating your professional image. Business photography is available in York Region,Toronto and surrounding areas.  Give me a call or send an email with the project you have in mind.

Business Headshots